Saturday, July 25, 2009

Quija Entity Helps Me Write Short Story


Many years ago I thought: "Wouldn't it be cool if I could contact some kind of Ouija entity and have it write a book or novel for me?"

Wouldn't it be great the Ouija would write a best seller for me and I could retire!

So what I did was ask the Ouija board to put me in contact with an entity -- possibly a famous dead novelist -- who would agree to dicate a new book for us, letter by letter, word by word on the Ouija board.

The first being we contacted in this regard called itself "Vantu." Vantu was vague about just who or what he was, but he very much wanted to write a novel. So we said, "Knock yourself out Vantu! We are ready to take down your novel!"

So Vantu started writing. It took us about 2 hours of back-breaking work bent over the Ouija board to take down the first page. After this, we immediately saw some drawbacks to our plan:

A. Vantu's writing was shit! (Although it had potential).

B. We could see that dictating a whole novel by Ouija board might take months, or years!

However, with the help of my favorite Ouija entity MOMMY, I have been able to produce a number of very good short stories and novelettes.

One such long short story that MOMMY helped me write is called "The Icon."

You can find a copy to download here:


Note, this story is on Lulu, and you will have to cough up .99 cents to download it, but I think it's vastly underpriced because it's a terrific story.

MOMMY gave me the idea for the story and dicated much of it to me. I also wrote parts of it myself. It seemed to work best to let MOMMY write parts of it straight from Ouija dictation, and for me to fill in the other parts.

Between the two of us, I think we managed to write a rather good story. Check it out if you want to. I think it's an example of how the Ouija board can help us be more creative and produce works of art and fiction that we may otherwise not have had the creative talent to produce on our own.

Cheers, everybody!

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