Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trandimensional Abortion!


A number of years ago, we began communicating with an Ouija entity that calls itself "Vantu."

Vantu is the being who came through after we caled upon an Ouija entity who had excellent writing skills. Vantu was very eager to become a novelist. He happily argreed to dictate a book for us.

Unfortunately, Vantu was one hell of a crappy writer -- but we continued to channel his works over the years, when we felt like it. Interestingly, his writing seems to get better and better.

Over the past couple of weeks, Vantu has dicated a long short story for us. The title is "Transdimensional Abortion!"

It's the story about a young woman who wants to terminate her pregnancy, even though she finds doing so morally reprehensible. So, instead, a brilliant scienits removes the fetus from her womb by transporting it to the 11th Dimension -- where it will live on as a entity in that realm.

The story is about 7,500 words. Below, I am going to publish the first 1,000 words, and I will post the rest of it, chapter by chapter.

I would like to know what you all think of it. Please chime in with either yur severe criticism, or your compliments for Vantu.

Just remember -- the following piece of fiction is entirely Vantu's -- I had no idea what sentence he would come up with next, where this story was going, or how it would end.

At the very least, it is a coherent piece of fiction with a beginning, middle and end.

You'l notice some strange terms within the story -- Vantu is either making up words, or using language from his own dimension, or world, or whereever he exists.

I, of course, added punctuation, and made some other extremely minor changes -- hut this is 99% Vantu's work, and not mine.

So without further ado, here is the first 1,000 words of:




Mattay sat weeping on the floor of her boyfriend's room in a dormitory of the Massachusetts Science Brotherhood of Technological Advancement.

A tumble of honey-blonde hair splaying luxuriously over her shoulders, Mattay buried her face in her hands; her shoulders shook to the rhythm of her sobs. Axain sat on his on bed looking down at her, stunned at her news. But he wasn't quite stunned. Not his mind, anyway. It was racing.

He was thinking about how easily moral principles crumble under the blunt hammer of reality. Raised within the Tardrik Essets -- which not only forbid abortion but unsanctioned Tardrik sex -- Axain had been horrified by the mere thought of abortion -- and he was still -- but now this slip of 17-year-old girl was here to tell him she was knocked up with his bio-child.

Axain fully expected to manufacture his own synthetic child some day -- but a bio-child gestating within the blood and guts of another human, and carrying his DNA. A shiver of revulsion rippled across his body.

Mattay did not want a bio-child either. She didn't even love Axain, a man-boy of 18 she had known only a few months. She had bright plans for herself in pan-dimensional engineering.

Also, Mattay had been reared in an orphanage by mercy of the Lustral Acete Sisters. Celibacy was more than a rule among the Sisterhood -- it was a command and demand. Mattay was still dependent upon them. They were paying her way through the Brotherhood TA as she began work toward her degree.

Indeed, it was her own illegitimate birth that had sabotaged the lives of her biological parents, whoever they were -- until they unloaded her on the Sisterhood, that is. After that, her bio-parents had vanished into the ether.

"We can't have a bio-baby, Axian" she cried. We can't!"

The word "abortion" hovered in the room like a specter, neither of them wanting to acknowledge it.

"You could birth the baby and we could give it to the Lustral Sisters," Axain offered meekly.

Mattay fleered. "Osballs! Then I'd become everything I've hated all my life! I'd be my bio-parents! I'd do what they did to me!"

Axain grew silent. He looked at Mattay as she buried her face in her hands again. She was pretty, definitely, Axain thought, but she was already getting fat, pregnant or not. He cursed himself for his shallowness, but there is was: the image of a red-faced, corpulent wife with a squalling bio-child, and he would have to put his own advanced learning on hold.

If he fathered a bio-child he would be required to:

A. Shave his head.
B. Devote five years to Acete meditation.
c. Adopt a daily diet of boiled groab leaves and liquid insect protein.
D. Detach his small toe for tossing of the oracle.
E. Compose the personal paean of return rectitude.

Five years of his young life, before he would be allowed to reenter mainstream society!

Then Axain thought about Dieten Nzzi, that brilliant advanced student from off planet whom he drank arak with sometimes. Dieten was barely three years older than him, but already well on his way to a Glory Cluster Cod Ice for klantarr physics. He was involved with wild and unsantioned experimentations.

"Mattay," Axain said, putting his hands on her shoulders, "for now, let's cram for our entropy exams, and then tomorrow afternoon we'll go talk to Dieten."

Mattay looked up, creases of perplexity playing across her forehead. "Dieten? What the hell has that militant pole thruster have to do with this? You know I don't like him. Nobody likes him, except you!"

"He's not a militant. He's a a pacifist, actually" Axian said absently. "But anyway, he was showing me something he's working on in his lab -- on the side, he says. It's experimental."

Mattay's eyes narrowed. "What?"

"Come on, 24 hours isn't going to make much difference in your bio-gestation process. Let's get through our entropy exam, and then we'll talk about it tomorrow. We'll talk to Dieten."

"How am I supposed to study!" Mattay said.

"It'll take your mind off it if you try hard enough. Come on, I think you're going to be interested in what Dieten has to say."

Mattay tried to protest and prodded Axain for more information, but he eventually convinced her to let him walk her back to her own room. He returned, cracked his tablets and force-focused his mind on the numbing intricacies of countering entropy with consciousness scaffolding.


"You're bio-baby will live," Dieten said, smiling. "It will gestate, be born and go on," he told a stunned and bewildered Mattay. "The fetus just won't do it from your womb. It will enter Dimension 11, and live the kind of existence that has meaning over there."

Mattay turned to Axain, who was pale. His eyes bore down on Dieten, who smiled. He was handsome as a Lord with a strong square jaw and thick eyebrows. Thick flaxen hair fell on his forehead. Dieten's tricky personality could be charming, haughty, charismatic or cold within a space of minutes. It was rumored that he was Olmert Eisensteinon's great, great nephew, a rumor most likely seeded by Dieten himself.

Despite Mattay and Axain's distress, Dieten was clearly enjoying himself. His eyes were bright, his body language engaged. It was difficult not to like him, in a wary sort of way.

"Tell Mattay about your experiments, Dieten," Axain pressed. "Maybe you can demonstrate how your dimensional teleporter works."

"It's not a teleporter!" Dieten shouted.

"Okay, okay! Axain said. "Just explain. Tell her, draggot! This isn't easy for us!"

Dieten softened and his face grew mild. "Of course. I'm sorry. You are my friends. I only want to help."

The three of them sat in a rare uncluttered corner of the lab, an area Dieten had all to himself. Everywhere was an impossible tangle of dazzling hardware, computation crystals, tubes, wires, shining metallic pipes that twisted in and out of exposed plasma boards, tanks of super-cooled gases, optic rivules, banks of consoles with enigmatic lights. Dieten sat among it all like a Goblynite comfortably in command of the Changk machinaries of horror.


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