Friday, July 24, 2009

Will The Ouija Open the Doors for Demons or Evil Spirits Who Will Step Through to Eat Your Soul?


Here is a question I get just about every day. "Won't using the Ouija invite evil forces into your life, and mess you up?"

My answer is: No.

First of all, I have been using the Ouija nonstop for 42 years, and I have never been haunted or bothered by anything evil as a result. Some people say, "Well you must have some kind of special ability or protection."

I don't see what. I'm nothing special. I'm not a saint. I don't belong to any orgaized religion, although I have practiced Zen meditation for 28 years -- but Zen has nothing what-so-ever to do with religion.

The fact is, there is no evidence at all that using the Ouija has ever caused anyone any problems. It's true that some people have blamed the Ouija for problems they perceive they are having, but in all cases, you could just as easily point to something else that is disturbing them, such as mental illness, or other problems.

To accept the concept that "a demon" could get you means you would have to buy into the whole idea of what demons are, that they exist -- and most of the time these means from a Christian interpretation. We all know that the Bible says the Jesus cast out demons. Fine, but not everyone is a Christian and believes in Bible tales.

My wife is a Christian, and I have respect for Christian beliefs, but I don't subscribe to them myself. I don't believe in Satan, or his army of demons -- even though I was raised a Catholic and The Exorcist scared the hell (no pun intended) out of me when I saw it at age 12 -- including the Ouija board scene.

Also remember that in pre-Christian times the word "daemon" -- which is where the modern word "demon" spring from -- was a positive thing. Socrates felt it was a good thing to be in touch with your "inner Daemon".

So throughout history, demons have not always been forces for evil -- they were sometimes considered forces for good.

It's true that I have communicated with Ouija entities that have identified themselves as "demons" -- such as the demons Kax and Rantor Rantic. But I found both of these so-called demons to be laughably inept, and basically just a couple of powerless twits

But whatever the case, it is my opinion and belief, that the Ouija is totally safe, I would encourage absolutely anyone to try it, and no harm can come from it as a result -- period.

You have much more to fear from the workings of your own minds than you do of an Ouija board demon.


  1. You mentioned Kax, but I haven't seen anything of him yet. What kind of character was he?

  2. Hi Tom:

    I'll digout the Kax session and post it shortly. Thanks!


  3. Why would Satan need to bother u if u don't believe in Christ...he's after believers